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Hi. I am glad that you found your way to my site. My name is Lindsay Berry and I am a writer. I have put up some of my stories here for you to enjoy.  Select what you want to read and discover my imaginary world. I welcome any comments you wish to make.
All stories are my original work and are copyright and can not be copied or distributed without my express permission.

Come and see more of me at http://withoutasense.blogspot.com.es


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It’s party time & I have been reflecting on the decades that have already flown. Is it events that define my life thus far or the cocoon of love that has built around me? I know that through all of the events it is the people at my side who have made the difference & as I step over another milestone I carry with me their love & support.

Party over it will be time to knuckle down & do some serious writing. Time to put my thoughts down for novel number two.

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The Wonderful Victoria & Albert Museum


Last week I attended two exhibitions at the beautiful V&A museum in London. To refresh myself I took tea in the amazing cafe. What a joy this building is!

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I am in the beautiful town of Harrogate learning about crime. I love this genre & its creators. What fun!😁

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With stories of doom and gloom in the publishing world and little hope for fledgling authors, I am interested in how others remain motivated to write. I was trying to explain to my non-writer friends last night that it is a passion that drives me rather than the anticipation of global success. Of course, we all like to hear the words of encouragement of how great we are but without those would I still write? You bet!

How do you stay motivated to write? I love conversations so please comment.


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Mediatation – Friday Fictioneers June 7th 2014

fridayfictioneerjune6copyright D Mcllroy

Baby steps.

His words. It’s all in the preparation, he told her. By the summit it would be like second nature.

Months of planning. Years of anticipation. All of their holiday allowance. All of their money.

In the early days she’d loved his ambition.

That was then.

It was all in the preparation.

Too bad.

She grins at her travel documents. Not long now. A beach holiday. Compliments of insurance.

Must remember to wipe the memory.

She puts on a pair of rubber gloves before she wraps the bottle. He only took one sun cream. Her own recipe.

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at http://www.rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com for organising the Friday Fictioneers. A group of writers having fun with photo prompts. Stop by and have a look.


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When is a novel complete?

Celebrations here after I put the finishing touches on my 103,000-word thriller novel last week. After nearly two years of writing and numerous edits, it is hard to believe that I can finally move on to my next project (another novel) and back to short story writing, which I love and have missed during my disciplined period of writing in the longer format.

One interesting point came up in the later stages of the editing process and I would love to know whether anyone else has experienced something similar. I wrote my novel in Word and used it for most of my editing in the early stages. Later I printed out hard copies of the manuscript and gave it to three people to edit. After applying their comments, I formatted the manuscript into a PDF format so that I could read it on my e-reader before I sent it to any agents. In that format, I picked up a number of errors and poor use of language, which had not been evident in the previous copies.

I would love to read about your editing techniques or if anyone has found that changing the format has revealed issues in their own work.



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How Do You Feel About Reading Novels in Progress

I do not post up my novel-in-progress at present. There are many reasons, but the main one is that I like the idea of my blog to cover other work such as short stories, photos, general items, thoughts, etc.  I do expose my novel to beta readers for feedback so I am not ignoring the value of the non-biased eye. And I have to admit that the thought of anyone commenting on my first few drafts scares me as even I know that they can be terrible.

How do you feel about reading novels-in-progress through a blog? Do you post yours and, if so, is it valuable to you? At what point would you stop posting such work on a blog? It’s a topic that fascinates me and, of course there is neither a wrong nor a right answer as to whether one should expose unfinished work to the wider audience. Please comment with your thoughts and although I am breathing and sleeping my novel, I will respond.


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