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Spanish Winter

Costa Blanca Views

                            Costa Blanca Views

After a long period away from Spain due to illness, a family wedding, book launch, etc, our arrival on Friday was anticipated with some trepidation. During those months, there have been serious fires that wiped out our local national park and apparently licked the borders near our house, severe rains and floods that destroyed local properties, and of course, Spain is still recovering from a period of recession. In addition, our home has not had anyone staying in it for months and we expected problems with heating, water, television, etc.

The landscape is somewhat scarred but Mother Nature is doing her miraculous job and green shoots are already appearing amongst the burned out remains of the forest. Few houses were lost to the flames and the area retains its beautiful Mediterranean character. Waves have broken some of the sea walls and some sea-front buildings look a bit battered but the locals are already repairing what they can. Sand scooped to form a breakwater has protected the bars and restaurants along the main tourist beach and we sat outside this morning enjoying our coffee and croissants watching the promenading locals.

The house is fine, thanks to a lovely Spanish girl and our friends.

So, things do not look as bad as we feared and this part of the eastern Spanish coast remains a stunning place to escape the chilly UK winter weather.  In addition, the peace means that I should be able to concentrate on my second novel and finally finish its first draft.


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Downstream – Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt © Ted Strutz

Photo Prompt © Ted Strutz

The wagon teetered then tipped its cargo, including the beautiful widow, Mrs. Snow, and her three children into the flow. The youngsters welcomed their dip and laughed as they splashed each other. They were not hampered by long skirts and so were not aware of the danger and their mother did not want to frighten them as she was dragged along the current. Eventually, she sank to the riverbed. Young Jeremiah, one of Mrs. Snow’s suitors, heard the cries for help and he swam to the bubbles, grasped calico and pulled her to the surface. Once his lips touched hers, how could she refuse his proposal?


I’m writing from the soft side again this week as the chair looks so lonely that I am afraid my dark side would cause tears and I’m tempted to say that this story is a bit wet but that would cause groans. 

Rochelle at http://www.rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com organises the Friday Fictioneers and she does a wonderful job so thank you to her.

Authors write a piece of 100 word fiction, prose or poetry based on a photo prompt and exchange comments on each other’s work.  If you are a writer of short fiction, join in and let your imagination feed us with your stories.


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Beauty – A Story for the Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt ©Roger Bultot

Photo Prompt ©Roger Bultot

Chalk and cheese: one of the girls caught his eye, beckoning him closer. The other disturbed him. She would not last, her beauty was fragile and he saw the poison in her eyes. Blonde and the red hair interlaced, a colourful curtain that joined them as they whispered.  What secrets did they share? He edged nearer and she caught his eye once more. That glance sealed their fate.

He never looked elsewhere and nurtured by his care and love, the beauty within blossomed until she dazzled everyone.


When I read out some of my work recently, I realised that sadness and gloom dominates my short writing. This week I have attempted something with a more positive slant and am interested to find out if it works for my readers. If not, I will have to return to my dark side.  

Thank you to Rochelle at http://www.rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com who organises the Friday Fictioneers. Authors write a piece of 100 word fiction, prose or poetry based on a photo prompt and exchange comments on their work.  If you are a writer of short fiction, join us and see where your imagination takes you.


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Paying the Penalty for an Active Life

My hobbies include dancing, zumba, gym work, spinning, walking, swimming and other forms of exercise and I was led to believe this would keep me well into my more mature years but here I am with worn out knees – too young for replacements but showing signs of wear and tear which are affecting my lifestyle.

In the UK there is much discussion around how the NHS can fund future treatments and one area of debate is hip/knee surgery. If recommendations of weight bearing exercise to counteract the effects of the menopause continue, it is likely that many more people will suffer from similar worn-out joints to mine. We will live in a society of people unable to leave their homes, causing further strain on social services.

Having worked in the NHS I do believe that we should be responsible for our own good health and try to limit expenditure on non-essential treatments however I also know that we must find a solution to the problems that will arise if we do not help people with worn out joints.

I don’t have an answer but know that there needs to be a discussion about the perils facing the next generations of elderly.

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I’ve been experimenting with the form of cinquain in poetry today.  Poetry is not my natural writing model but I love reading it and today I have been told that my daughter has felt my grandchild kick for the first time so it seems a fun thing to try today. Feedback is welcome as I am always striving for improvement.




Precious being.

We have waited and yearned

for this moment of arrival.

Our child.


This form of poetry has 5 lines

2-4-6-8-2 syllables



He danced

through the wild night,

caring not for the others,

his spirit abandoned and free.

Mad George.

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The Ice Vault – a story for the Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The man’s mouth moved but her mind refused to accept his words. A pain, so sharp that she struggled to breathe causing her to gasp as she reached out to touch the motionless fingers. Eventually she raised her head, looked up at the man and nodded.

‘If you’re ready, we’ll take him to the vault. The process will begin immediately.’

‘Will he .. When he … Will there be pain?’

‘We don’t think so. It should be like waking after a long sleep.’

The woman nodded and then, she rummaged in her bag. ‘Take his teddy. He’ll need his friend in that strange world. ‘

Thank you to Rochelle at http://www.rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com who organises the Friday Fictioneers. Authors write a piece of 100 word fiction, prose or poetry based on a photo prompt and exchange comments on their work.  If you are a writer of short fiction, join us and see where your imagination takes you.




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A Very Good Year?

Every December 31st I celebrate an end and a beginning. Although I am an intelligent woman, I somehow expect that ticking of the clock hand into the new year to signal a great change of fortune. It will come as no surprise that by January 2nd most years, my expectations have become more realistic and I settle into normal life.

2017 had 2 days of normality before fate started throwing darts designed to pierce my optimistic spirit. It is now 13 days in to the new year and I have spent 8 of those days at the hospital bedside of my partner. Not a good start. Anyone who has spent time in hospitals know that it is impossible to focus on anything other than the person in the bed and so although I can read a novel, it is a half-heart attempt and trying to do any creative writing is beyond my emotional ability.

So my dear followers, forgive this break while I try to deal with life’s trauma. I hope to be renewed with my writing passion soon.


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