Old Year Ends and A New Writing Year Begins

Today my new computer is set up and I am now ready to start my career as a writer. Many years ago this was my dream however during the intervening years I have been distracted by life’s events and temptations. I am inspired by the work of some of my fellow writers and hope that in time I will also inspire them. An outsider observing my life would say that I have been lucky. I can only agree. I have know the intensity of love at an age when I could appreciate all of its glory. My own child is a wonderful happy woman unafraid to go out into the world and grab its opportunities with open arms. I acquired a son through my husband without the pain of childbirth but with all of the pleasure which comes from watching a young man grow through the stages of his youth. I have been too poor to afford food and yet dined with some of the best. I am blessed with many friends and few enemies.

The question is “will this make me a better writer for all of my rich life experience or just one of those who uses his or her work to sound off?”. Let us wait and see. I do hope that you will enjoy our journey as much as I.



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