When is there too much action?

I’ve been working on my novel and trying to inject a bit more action to heighten the pace. I may have gone overboard. I finally finished my short story and am picking up my script every once in a while to try to keep that moving forward. Tomorrow I have a trip to the cold UK so sadly that will possibly break my flow for a week or so but I do hope to spend some quality time back at my computer later this month. There is a problem finding enough time in the day with zumba classes, social stuff and then all of the normal day to day living bits. That is why the Nano month was brilliant because it focused my efforts. Anyway I do want to try to make good headway to submit the synopsis and sample chapters at the end of March. One of my articles is under consideration in the US but there won’t be any news on that until late Spring. Well got to get back to the writing so signing off for now.


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