Well that was a classic start to my website launch when I had to go offline for a few days unexpectedly. Oh well, here I am back again with some Sunday musings. It is a special time here in Spain when the almond blossoms appear in all of their glory. Imagine dark bark trees covered in thousands of white, pink or sometimes a combination of the two colour blossoms. Hundreds of these trees are situated in green valleys surrounded by craggy mountains and that is the special sight which we are privileged to witness at this time of year here in Spain. It saddens me that the impression of Spain is a country filled with dishonest builders and government officials and undesirables on the beach. The country I know is filled with diverse landscapes, wonderful people and a culture which is intriguing and at times exciting. Here along the eastern coast there are some amazing cities like Barcelona and Valencia and inland some amazing sights of ancient Moorish terraces, ruined castles, etc. Don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself. I just hope that I can do the country justice in my novel, which is as much hint as I am going to give for now.


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