Saturday’s reflections

Due to an unexpected return to the UK to support my grieving mother I have not had any time to write or pay attention to my blogsite. My novel is untouched and I have not had the time or energy for writing other than a quick diary note at night.
This experience has made me think about the loneliness of losing a long term partner and how poorly set up our society is to assist. There are some groups of course however for someone like my mother who is not fond of going into strange groups it can be very difficult. Maybe someone should develop a package to assist such people as I think that there are more of them than is appreciated.
I think that I am going to apply to do an online course to help move my novel along. I work well when faced with deadlines so it could be a good vehicle for me. However in the midst of the course I shall be doing a long trip abroad so I am considering whether that will be an issue.
Finally I am so pleased that the solar flares did not cause my internet or other electrical stuff to fail. Does anyone else thing that some reporting goes overboard?


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