Time Wasting

I have a great tendency to time waste and have to work hard to overcome that trait. One way is by setting myself a time scale for competing a given task. For example I have been wanting to write a novel for years however I have been distracted by reading magazines on “how to”, making numerous false starts, “just completing a short story” first and generally getting involved in the many tasks of every day life. Knowing some of my weaknesses I decided last year to take the plunge and sign up to the Nano month. Having warned most of my close friends and family what was happening I embarked upon a month of blissful uninterrupted writing, achieving a total of 55000 words within a 25 day period. In fairness to the reader, most of what I wrote was rubbish but allowing my brain to do what it does best, brainstorm, encouraged me to develop an intriguing plot line which I am now developing into a novel.

What I have to do now is avoid all of the wonderful distractions of life!


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