When does a person lose that sense of fun which is so innate when he is young? I have become a really dark writer. When I was young though I had an incredible sense of humor and my writing was fun and entertaining. So I have been trying to remember some of those funny stories and that made me think that each of us has probably have had many of these in our lives.
So as a challenge to myself and hopefully to you dear reader let’s have go at fun blogging.

Many of my funny stories come from my experiences working as a nurse. I have related a couple in my page about becoming a nurse in the NHS but there are loads because working within such a diverse community of people and situations there always has to be something to laugh at.
Like the time that:
I was very proud of my new dark blue uniform and status as a young ward sister. This had put me in a fairly senior position as a young nurse and I thought I was something very special. The uniform was a symbol of my achievement with its white starched collar and beautifully pleated cap which perched on my well groomed hair. The sleeves were long with many buttons up the arm from the cuff to elbow to allow them to be rolled up and covered with white cotton cuffs if I needed to get my hands dirty doing patient care. When the senior doctors arrived on the wards with their gaggles of more minor doctors to do the patient rounds it was a very serious business. I, as the senior nurse, would reapply makeup, freshen my hair, and roll down those long navy blue sleeves, signifying the solemnity of the task in hand.
On one such occasion I was stood at the ward entrance awaiting the arrival of the doctor’s team, ready prepared and quite full of myself. One of the middle ranked doctors arrived early and as he passed me by patted me on the bottom commenting on the weather or some such menial type of conversation. Blushing and indignant I tried to ignore the assault on my rear.
The doctor’s round progressed around all of the 36 patients with me leading the way in my officious manner. I could tell that everyone was in a good mood that day and even some of the very ill patients were able to have a little laugh with us as we went from patient to patient. The round ended in my office with tea and biscuits while we discussed the treatments etc for the day.
As I ushered the senior doctor out he turned to me and said in a whisper
“Someone’s hand is on the back of your dress!”
Horrified I checked and sure enough, there, strategically placed on my bottom, was a huge white hand print. The patients spent the next few hours trying to guess whose it was.

Please tell me some of your funny experiences. I can’t wait to share a bit of laughter.


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