Writing About the Past

Today I am going to write a submission for a time capsule about an event which took place when I was 14 years old which I hate to tell you is a very long time ago. My mother used to drag us three girls off to all kinds of historical events and places and the submission relates to one of these. The sad thing is that as a pubescent girl I was more interested in the looks of the trendy young men with their long hair and skinny trousers than the historical event which was unfolding in front of me. This makes writing my memoir very tough so wish me luck.

It makes me wonder about our memories and how selective we are in the way that we recall the key events of our lives. With me stand out memories are often tied up with extreme emotion such as ecstasy, grief or embarrassment. But I can not remember everyday events and in writing that is often what gives my work humanity.

Well got to end this post as just had a phone call to drag me out to lunch. So guess this will be a happy event for now.


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