I finally had time to catch up with reading some blog posts after a couple of very busy days. One writer was looking at the use of the comma and how the meaning of a sentence can be changed through its use. I think that this is a really interesting topic as the way that people write and communicate these days is changing and therefore our use of punctuation is also changing. In one of my professional roles I had to read through thousands of job application forms. These often were applications for professional roles and from people of university education. Even so, often the level of English was basic at the very least. It amazes me that people could make it so far without a basic grounding in the English language however I do sometimes wonder whether this is a bit of “Grumpy Old Woman” in me coming out. Who is to say that just because I love words and use the written form to communicate that I should judge someone else harshly if he or she is not so articulate on the written page. Maybe that individual’s communication skills lay elsewhere. I do know that I am totally lost sometimes when I read text speak or twitter feeds and I sometimes wonder whether I need a little book of translations. So maybe as human communication evolves and changes so will our use of punctuation. For me, this will be sad with a lifetime of pleasure experienced in the emotional sphere that words joined together with all of the commas, colons, expression marks, etc create.


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  1. I agree. That’s interesting. I’m still trying to figure out my writing. I try to be creative (and “different”) with punctuation–sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

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