Friday Fiction



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8 responses to “Friday Fiction

  1. TheOthers1

    Interesting. All those women who knew what a guy wanted. I wonder how many young guys have had similar thoughts through history. Lol. Nice.

    My attempt:

  2. Brandon Scott

    Kind of makes me wonder what went down in that truck, though I have my ideas, and what actually happened to Geoff.

    My own Friday Fiction story can be found at

  3. This was a good take on the prompt. That’s what you call doing a guy a favour. 🙂 Nice work.
    Mine’s at:

  4. Madison Woods

    Interesting… I wonder if what happened to him was one of ‘those’ women? Your story made me want to know more!

  5. Dear Lindsay,

    I thought your story was a good look into the mind of a woman. That is something that is so hard to capture and your work really nailed it. Thanks for digging deep.



  6. Interesting take on the prompt–definitely out-of-the-box thinking. Looking forward to more of your posts.


  7. I liked the way you wove your little tale around guys in general and Geoff in particular – the wistfulness and the hard truths in it.
    Here is the trick for getting that photo on your site. Drag it off from Madison’s photo prompt page and put in on your desk top. Then save it as a photo in a little Madison folder and attach it on your blog!
    Here am I:

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