Making the Ideal Match

As a writer one has to appeal to current trends in thinking about all sorts of things. I was thinking about this yesterday when I was socializing with a group of people who had all been in long term relationships. Partners were met at dances or work and often they had dated for a number of weeks or months before making any emotional (and sometimes physical) commitment. We were discussing our young relatives and how difficult it seems for them to meet partners. Part of this seemed to be blamed on the tendency for relationships to become very intense quite quickly not allowing time for any kind of underlying friendship to develop.

It struck me that as a writer of a novel with two stories, one set in the past and one in current day, that I would have to make sure that my modern day audience appreciated those differences otherwise there is a potential for the reader to become frustrated by what is perceived as a lack of reality in the way the relationship develops. Today I am going to review some of my writing and make sure that the younger adult understands the social constraints of the time. I have an added complication because that part of the novel is set in a foreign country as well in a time of conflict so I am currently researching how the local communities socialized during that period.

Of course all of that will be done after I go and shake my booty at zumba this morning. Love it!!

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