Six month novel plan and Thumbs down to Flight cancellations

Excitement in my house this morning as I have been offered a place on a prestigious course. Interestingly there was an interviewer on television this morning speaking about women and how they doubt themselves compared with men. I don’t know if I agree with that completely although I do think that women will often voice their concerns about their abilities, looks, weight etc whereas men tend to keep quiet about those things. Unless one could see inside their heads though who is to say that they don’t have the same doubts and just don’t express them in the same way that women do? Anyway, going back to my course, I was beginning to question whether I was good enough for it so I am delighted with the offer.

So what will the course do for me? Well, I work well to a deadline and timescale so it should help me to focus my efforts in a more productive way. I love people and enjoy sharing learning experiences. Although I, like most people, like to think my work is perfect I love getting critical feedback which helps me to improve my work. For me, a course is a perfect vehicle to become more productive in my work although I do appreciate that it is not best for every writer.

Now I am going to rant and rave for a minute. I am seriously cross with the French Air Traffic controllers this morning. I spent four hours waiting for a flight to arrive last night only to result in it being cancelled and my visitor stranded at an airport with no transport, nowhere to stay, and very little money. Now I don’t mean to be political but what good does that do anyone other than create really bad feelings about them. I worked as a nurse for a number of years and just find it so hard to imagine what would have happened if I had gone on strike. That is not to say that we didn’t take action over causes dear to our hearts but we did it in a way which did not impact on the consumers of our service. Now I’ve got that out of my system I will try to figure out how to arrange for my relative to get here! Thank goodness it wasn’t my elderly mother!

Finally as I am so happy today here is a beautiful picture of almond blossom for you.




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