I have often said that there is no such place as paradise. In my life I have visited the perfect beach which has been overrun with sand flies, the perfect rainforest inundated with mosquitoes and the perfect restaurant with the most obnoxious waiting staff. So what is perfection? Is it a tangible thing or is it a feeling which is a realized hope or ambition. In my own life there have been many perfect moments as a result of being in the right place with the right person or witnessing something truly wondrous. Indeed the bloom of my “bird of paradise” plant was perfect after a few years of watching my little plant trying to produce it’s crowning glory. To someone struggling to survive paradise may be having a proper meal or health care. Are my expectations of paradise set too high because I am fortunate enough to live in one of the wealthy countries where we always have the basic necessities of life without struggle.

What constitutes paradise to you? Is it a place, thing, person, or a moment in time? Or is it witnessing perfection, like the bloom on my Bird of Paradise plant?



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3 responses to “Paradise

  1. Very thoughtful post…thanks, I enjoyed it.

  2. I don’t know if it can be something physical. Maybe it’s more being in tune with a place and experience at a particular moment in time. A very thoughtful post.

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