Easter Morning and New Story About a Princess

It is dark. No one has arisen. The quiet is unusual in this house. I awoke early and needed to write. Sometimes that compulsion is there and it can’t be ignored. However, I am not a morning person. My work colleagues always made certain that I had consumed at least two cups of coffee before they asked for anything requiring sense and action. Everyone who knows me also knows that I am inhuman before I have come to in a leisurely manner. So, when I wake in the early morning and want to write what I produce can often be summed up in three words “Delete it forever”. Nonetheless I am ignoring my inner guru and posting the results of my tired and tortured brain as a new story about a princess who is not all she seems.

Three days before I start my course and I suspect that time will become much more valuable. What am I going to do to prepare? Get everything in order? Sort out outstanding paperwork? Tell everyone to leave me alone for six months? No way!! I am going out and having fun. Anything not done by now surely can not be that urgent.


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