Walking in Spanish Countryside

Taking a day off from the novel today as it is Easter Monday and had a wonderful walk by a riverbed in the Spanish countryside (el campo). We passed a few campers who were smoking some rather pungent substance, some climbers hanging off the rock face while their toddler explored the dry riverbed, and some insect which I did not want taking a hitch on my hat. Health and safety does not exist in the same way here which is a delight unless you happen to be on the wrong end of a dangerous event. Following our walk we drove up a mountain road which would rival any hairpin route and believe me when I say that Spanish drivers love speed!!! And I don’t mean the ingested or injected kind. I needed my drink when we arrived at the mountain top cafe. On the way back down we passed a number of bike riders enduring the hellish climb and I decided that my next sport will be on the flat.
Back to the novel tomorrow.


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  1. Sounds like a great day and way to recharge for the novel. 🙂

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