Hot Zumba

Today’s post is going to read like a journal entry for which I do make apologies. Some friends are expected for a BBQ so time is limited and my heavy duty exercise this morning has burnt my brain so very little is left to fuel my imagination. The best things about BBQ’s is that men love to do the cooking! So all I have to do is set the table, prepare the salad, clean the house, do the dessert, etc. Funny things BBQ’s aren’t they? A load of chargrilled raw meat which would normally taste so much better with a lovely creamy sauce and you have to wonder what is the attraction?

Started today with a really hot session of zumba. After a really well attended charity event the class size has doubled. Imagine lots of sweaty women jumping and dancing about shaking their hips in a room with one small window for ventilation and you should appreciate that the experience is similar to being in a sauna. As we indulged last night in a delicious Thai meal though there is no doubt it is necessary if I want to continue wearing the same size clothing!

Tomorrow I start my on line course writing a novel. I have already been in touch with fellow participants and am really looking forward to getting started. I have been working on my novel and had some great ideas from some readers I know about what they like. I just need to put those into practice in a way which is exciting and readable. My novel is set in different time periods with some historical reference and I do need to do some more research to ensure that I don’t get challenged by experts in that period. By October I hope to be at the point of sending it out to agents and publishers so watch this space. The short story writing may take a back seat during the next six months. Hopefully I will get time to develop my play further. I don’t really want to lose the momentum on that one.

Off to London next week for a few days of shopping, eating and sight seeing with friends. Now that is what I call great travel. No matter where I go in the world I do think that London is the most amazing city with something for everyone. I hope to get some great pictures and do some character observations for this blog.

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