Weird Coffee Shop Encounters

Now I am very flattered when someone compliments me however I am not of the age nor looks that would normally inspire a man to tell me that I am “really a beautiful woman”. However today in the high street coffee shop where they use two shots giving me just the right amount of caffeine a man did just that. Strange, thought I. No make up, scruffy writer’s clothes, sheepskin boots; this is not a pulling type of look normally. In addition, it has been a few years since I was able to toss my head and wiggle my hips and spark a reaction. Anyway, for just a minute I was taken in and then came the clincher “You have a very beautiful aura. Lots of colour,” he told me. The last time someone said that was a few years ago and she also tried to tell me about a little man who sits on my shoulder. I’m a kind of practical person and all I could think was how heavy he would be if he really existed. Anyway my coffee shop man gave me his calling card listing amongst his professions that of sorcerer and I must admit I started to feel a little spooked. So let’s hope that he hasn’t put a spell on me and inhabited my computer otherwise I will never achieve my hope of becoming a published novelist.

Thanks to everyone for all of your valuable comments on my Friday Fictioneer’s piece. I know that I can be a bit obtuse in my writing and leave the reader unsure of the meaning of it all. I guess in this one I imagined a girl lying on the ground being assaulted and watching the drips while she tried to detach herself from the reality of what was happening. I am pleased that some of my descriptions impressed you.


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