Natural Colour

Yesterday I was told that I am beautiful because I have a colourful aura. I wonder if my aura resembles the beautiful blue of this peacock’s head. Sadly I don’t have a picture displaying the feathers that these wonderful creatures have on their tails however I think that he is still quite amazing. Or do you think he is beautiful?

An old woman I know hated peacocks and thought that they were vicious ugly creatures. Now this woman wasn’t given to those type of sentiments normally so it was quite a surprise when she came out with her comments. What did she see that I didn’t? The statement “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” was true in this instance.

I went to an art exhibition last night. The seascape paintings were beautiful in my opinion. Why were they better than some of the others of different settings? Was it because I lived on the sea for a while? Or because some of the happiest times of my life have been near the sea? Or were they truly better pieces of art? I don’t know because I am not an expert but I do know what evokes a feeling of appreciation of beauty in me. At least in art I do.

When it comes to people it is a totally different matter. One person may have the same features as her sister however on one they are beautiful and on another they are not. Then again sometimes once the person opens her mouth she can become ugly through what she says or how she says it.  Is a man beautiful? I think so sometimes but often it is an imperfect beauty tainted with the ruggedness that for me creates a handsome man. A wonderful voice with perfect words can create a beautiful man.

So what do you think? What is your idea of beauty?


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6 responses to “Natural Colour

  1. I just saw some beautiful cherry blossoms that I just had to stare extra long at by my captivation by them. I saw the picture in a blog about cherry blossoms, but it was this one picture that captivated me. I think it was because of the fullness and scope of the cherry blossoms that you didn’t get to appreciate in the others.

    But as for people, there are certainly people who are beautiful on the outside. I have never appreciated certain beautiful people’s beauty because I’m too focused on who they are as people, and how much I disagree with them as people.

    In one case from TV, a character who I didn’t agree with on a personal level suddenly changed their look dramatically and became gorgeous. In another case, a character I hated suddenly became attractive by one action.

    So I just guess it goes to show that it’s who someone is that is truly beautiful, or how you relate to that beauty. I believe it was the case for you and the seaside paintings, and I believe it was true for the person who said you have a colourful aura; something about you must have struck personally with them.

  2. Beauty in Nature is easy to describe—a glorious sunset, a majestic mountain range, the night sky far from city lights. But it’s a far more slippery topic for people. To me, a beautiful person is one who treats others and Nature with respect and compassion. Most of us have a way to go on that journey.

  3. beauty for me comes through actions and words, not feathers and pastel sunsets – although by no means do i ignore those things. yesterday, someone called one of my poems ‘beautiful.” i said, “like you.” she said, “how do you know i’m beautiful?” i said, “because i have no reason to think that you’re not.” anything is beautiful in its own way until it does something ugly. i remember a first and last date with a gorgeous woman. after leaving the restaurant, we walked to my car because – out of safety, or vanity – she didn’t want me to walk to her car for risk i might try to follow her home. she saw my car and said, “THAT is your car?” obviously disapproving. so for me, she very quickly turned from gorgeous to gross.

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