A Word about Brains

My head hurts. I have been staring at the computer all day. Writing and thinking. Trying to create good quality writing. Choosing words, then changing them. Obeying the rules and then dismissing them.

When I was young I wrote directly into a book or a journal or onto paper. Now I often write onto a computer. The biggest difference is that my young words were recorded forever whereas now at the stroke of a key I am able to delete my efforts. Yet when I read those words of long ago there is great emotion in their spontaneity  and I suspect that my present day editing may destroy that. In fact when I think about my own youth I treasure the memories of how I jumped into situations without restraint and how unedited life was. Although I do not want to go back to those times I value their place in my life story.



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5 responses to “A Word about Brains

  1. It’s always important to know where you’re coming from. Plus, writing longhand you can get into the habit of writing a draft without compulsively trying to correct everything.

  2. I write on paper first then transfer it to the computer. The ideas only flow on paper for me. Stormy

  3. When the ideas are flowing freely, me handwriting can’t keep up with them. Usually I write on the computer. But I always have pen and paper with me when I’m out in case the Muse strikes.

  4. Oops, my comment went in the wrong spot. Sorry!

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