When Are We Too Close?

Sailing in the Antarctic ensures that one is put in touch with the responsibility of the human race towards our natural resources. Since a visit in 2008 I have been very much more aware of the fragility of our Poles. This awareness was heightened by the visit, which I did feel incredibly privileged to make. So my question is “do we stop humans visiting these fragile environments?” Of course, that is ideal however I do think that there is nothing as remote as a cause for which you have no emotional interest. The closeness we felt to the magnificence of Iceberg Alley stays with me to this day and had given me a much stronger sense of my responsibility in protecting the environment.

What are your thoughts on this type of tourism?





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2 responses to “When Are We Too Close?

  1. It must be done as sensitively as possible to the needs of the environment or else we risk “loving it to death.” But it can help bring attention to such places and generate the desire of people to take steps to preserve them.

  2. I feel like it’s an important type of tourism, if it connects people to the environment and stirs them support it.

    At best, it’s a type of tourism that should be restricted, rather than banned.

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