What is Mr Ted?

I love writing. Here in my head I have an idea of exactly what I want to say. People read it and see what they see. How fantastic is that? In my mind Mr Ted was a teddy bear. Someone has seen him as a cat, others have other ideas. Isn’t that great? Words can weave an image but the reader is the one who constructs his own story.


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2 responses to “What is Mr Ted?

  1. rochellewisoff

    I thought Mr. Ted was a dog, but it makes more sense knowing he’s a teddy bear. 😉 Thanks for the explanation. Sweet. Here’s mine. http://www.rochelle-wisoff.blogspot.com

  2. Lora Mitchell

    Awwww…Mr. Ted is a teddy bear…not a cat. It makes better sense now. lol. Tks for explaining. Love it.

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