The rustling of branches startles me as I pick my way carefully through the undergrowth. I look behind and see the small creature watching me with trepidation. He need not worry. I have no interest in him. My prey is much larger. It won’t be long now. I just need a little patience. These things can’t be rushed. Soon he will appear. As the moon rises from its sleeping place, his crepuscular routine will be his death knell. My food awaits me. I wait, my body poised to leap. He can not escape the hunting skills of this fox.


This story is written as part of a photo prompt for 100 word flash fiction from the wonderful Madison Woods. See her blog on wordpress.


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12 responses to “Crepuscular

  1. There’s a little niggle in my head that wonders whether this is really a fox! Either way, I enjoyed your creation of tension and suspense.
    I’m over here:

  2. Great idea, writing from the POV of the fox. And I like the present tense. I think it give a sense of immediacy.
    My story is here:

  3. I truly enjoyed this piece. Not just inside the mind of a hunter, but inside the mind of a hunter who is so very single minded it would go after a more dangerous prey to satisfy its hunger.

  4. That had better not be a cat he’s after! 😦 I had to look up crepuscular, so in order to save anyone else as ignorant as I the trouble – it means active at twilight, as opposed to diurnal or nocturnal). I love it when I learn something new on Friday Fictioneers. Nice one, enjoyed this.
    Mine’s at:

  5. TheOthers1

    I like that single minded focus on the larger prey. And fab word you used. Crepuscular. Niceeee.

    My attempt:

  6. Dear Lindsay,

    A nice meditation on the thoughts of a predator. I was slightly derailed by the omniscient ability of your fox to discern the sex of the tiny animal to the rear and that of its prey. A minor point, but how does the fox know?



  7. joannalazuliportals

    I love the immediacy of this, and how time is simply meaningless until the time is ‘right’.

    Here’s our 160-word piece:

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