New Story

I have been working on a new short story today and saved it as “Sailing” unfinished. Any comments would be very welcome as this was written very much as a stream of consciousness type of story. I have decided to leave it hanging at the end. Does that work? Sometimes readers find that too disturbing. What do you think?

Later today I will work on a piece of flash fiction. I love how this type of writing forces me to consider the impact and exact meaning of each word.

What are you writing? Do you have a favourite genre?


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2 responses to “New Story

  1. I have a love-hate relationships with stories that leave you hanging at the end – they leave you wanting more and force you to engage with the story and decide in your own mind what happens next. While it can be frustrating, I think it’s good for us now and again – in a digital age of instant information and films that tie up endings nice and neatly, I think we can lazy in our consumption of art.

    Also *love* flash fiction. It’s accessible to almost anyone and, even if not very accomplished (don’t get me wrong, some can be really good!), can be a good way to get into writing.

    For people like me, who struggle with poetry, it can also be a good way to inject a little more of a poetic feel to prose. A short story or novel in that style would be too much, but flash fiction is a tasty little bite 😉


  2. i don’t enjoy those kinds of stories, but there are many who do.

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