The woven home just lingers. There. Can you see it? Tucked away from harm. Protected by another creature’s construction. Each builds its own shelter. To keep safe. To nurture. To feed.

In time, one emerges as a thing of beauty. Perfectly sized. Each part in proportion. Legs long and graceful, a body light to be carried by  wings which extend equally to each side. It’s senses finely tuned so that it can survive in its environment. Resurrected from its state as an earth dweller to fly on the wind.

The resurrection of the other is short. It smoulders on a light’s heat after it joins humans inside their shelter.

Thanks to Madison Woods for posting this photo for 100 word flash fiction (The Friday Fictioneers) at the Drive Through The page is there, the picture is there, the link is live.

Why only 100 Words

100-words isn’t a *rule* and some of us write more than that. The goal is to have The Friday Fictioneers use 100-word stories as an exercise in choosing concise phrases and strong verbs. It’s an excellent way to show your stuff to the world without exposing too much. It’s okay if you use more words, but if it’s much more let us know in the comments so we’ll know how to allocate our time if we’re trying to read all the posts.

Put your best efforts on display for 100 words (more or less) and hop on board Friday with links back to your blog so we can all see what you’ve written. If you don’t have a blog of your own you are welcome to post your 100 words in the (Friday) story page. Go to the side-bar calendar and click on the current week’s Friday date. Then follow the link from there to the story page.

If you accidentally post your link here on this page today, you’ll miss out on a lot of the blog hopping because the action will be stemming from links on the story page.

How to become a Fictioneer

  1. Write a 100-word story (more or less, and it’s okay if you didn’t use this picture for inspiration)
  2. Post your story to your blog on Friday (or just link to it tomorrow if you wrote earlier)
  3. If you’re a WordPress user, include “Friday Fictioneers” as one of your tags so you’ll show up on the tag search. 
  4. Comment by Friday and post a link to your story.
  5. Tweet your link to @madison_woods and include the tag #FridayFictioneers if you’re on Twitter.
  6. Follow the read and comment schedule listed above the picture. If the comment forms allow, leave your link on all your comments, so others can find you and us later on.
  7. Check back often because participants post throughout the day.
  8. Get psyched up to do this again next week 🙂


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17 responses to “Resurrection

  1. Lora Mitchell

    I like it, even though it takes a bit of pondering. Read it several times. I’m assuming the woven home is the safe cocoon or nest…until its occupant is ready to resurrect and go forth. A well written piece with a spiritual quality. Here’s mine:

  2. Very pretty and interesting because there’s suddenly this question of what drives the second into the light of death? Was it because it was less than perfect, or just too curious?


    • Thank you Kathy. I like your questioning comment. Why do any of us do what we do? Sometimes it is the curiosity which is the most dangerous path and then again sometimes the greatest opportunities come from the road less travelled.

  3. A little reminder of nature’s marvels.

    Here’s mine:

  4. Beautiful take on metamorphosis as resurrection. Well wrought and finely crafted.
    Here’s mine

  5. There’s something poetic about your story. It’s romantically tragic or something. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

    Here’s mine:

  6. Shades of Icarus again flying to close to the ‘sun’ in this case the exterminator ….. Excellent twist at the end completely turns over where it was originally going. I really enjoyed it.

    Here’s mine for this week too:

  7. rainang

    this was well written. yea I had to read it a few times too, but it’s well done. here’s mine:

  8. That first lines is enchanting, and then so is the whole thing. never naming the thing is the charm of this piece. Nicely done.

  9. Madison Woods

    If I’m understanding this correctly, it’s a pretty crafty twist on the expected. It took me a couple times to read it, but after getting it, it makes sense.

  10. I love this! Angelic resurrection and being drawn towards the light. It works so beautifully.

    Mine is…well, it’s here:

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