What is life like for the new Middle Agers?

Do you consider yourself in your middle years? Is that how you are perceived by others? I am shortly going to be writing a column for this age group and would be really interested in any feedback you might wish to give me about life as a middle ager. Examples of concerns may be things such as:

Are you able to buy clothes which reflect your style?

What types of holidays appeal to you?

What books do you like to read?

Are you able to join in with local exercise classes, gyms, etc or are they aimed at the wrong age group for you?

How much of an outcast do you feel in some environments? ie, Discos, bars etc

How difficult is it to meet people in middle age and why? Where do you meet new people? How is dating as a middle ager?

The above are just some of the things which have come up in recent conversations with other middle agers. There have been many more. Please let me know what you think, what experiences you have had, etc.

I haven’t been writing on my blog over recent weeks for a number of pitiful reasons. Sometimes life gets in the way of my writing and no matter how hard I try, when I eventually manage to sit down to write my eyelids fall with exhaustion. Now things are settling down once again with family celebrations over, medical matters dealt with and the chores just about finished and by next week I should be back in full writing mode.

Don’t forget to let me know about your middle age experience.


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6 responses to “What is life like for the new Middle Agers?

  1. Hi and thanks for such a great reply to my post. I loved all of the detail. You and I sound so similar in many ways which is why I am interested in this whole middle age thing. It is only looking in a mirror and feeling the knees giving way at zumba that remind me I am no longer as young as I once was. Otherwise I perceive myself as still in my prime. The trouble is that I don’t think that clothes designers, make up trends, etc necessarily cater for us fit still young middle agers. And that is where my column comes in. I hope to explore some of these issues for men and women. I will put a post up once I go live. Otherwise, please do feel free to comment as much as you like as I always love a great discussion.

  2. Hi, Lindsay. Thanks for liking my Friday Fictioneers submission (my first time.) I just stopped by and since I am, age-wise, in my “middle years”, I’ll chip in here.

    I’m 58, although that sounds much older to me than I feel, and because I’ve never looked my age (thankfully didn’t ever want to get into movies for which I was too young or bars), and I’ve stayed fit, no one takes me for anywhere near this “advanced” age. 🙂 So I guess in answer to your question, I don’t feel “middle aged” and others don’t perceive me that way.

    Holidays–we go to Wyoming every summer where we hike, ride horses and just relax. I love to ski, but haven’t for some years now. Love to travel and have been blessed to go to France (have a s-i-l there) several times.

    I’m a complete bibliophile. Mysteries are my favorite, but I also like cookbooks, travel books, adventure, historical fiction and varied non-fiction.

    I work out at home but have been a personal trainer, so I tailored programs for middle-aged people. My husband works out at a gym and I may again at some point. I haven’t really taken any exercise classes for awhile.

    I don’t feel out of place in all bar situations, but I wouldn’t want to go to the Friday/Saturday night young people hang out talking loudly and looking at the other sex times. Wasn’t too much into that ever, truth be told. I think there are just some places or times that I not so much feel out of place as just am not interested in being that young, if that makes sense.

    Since I’m married, I’m not dating (obviously.) 🙂 We meet people our age through my husband’s bike club and church. I have a tendency to talk to lots of people, so I meet people in various situations and they sometimes turn out to be friends. My best friend is actually about fifteen years younger than I am and her husband is even younger than that.

    Hmmm, what else? I guess I missed the clothes question so, if you don’t mind me nattering on, I’ll touch on that. I don’t really have a problem finding clothes that fit my style. I buy a lot of clothes at the thrift store (Clothes Mentor), which has lots of great clothes. I probably don’t dress middle-aged, but I don’t dress too young. My younger daughter is my fashionista adviser if I need one. 🙂 I do wear clothes that fit and aren’t too loose and not things that might be considered “middle-aged”, yet are still age-appropriate.

    Hope that wasn’t too much, but you did ask. 🙂

  3. I’m more classic than typical, I guess. I stand by tradition and this goes for music as well as clothes. I think middle-aged women who dress 20 years younger show their age more–even if they can pull it off. I don’t know. Maybe that’s my envy speaking. Shoes and bunions are a terrible mix! lol As long as I can wear jeans (no elastic waists for me) and t-shirts, then I feel like I’m holding up AOK. 🙂

  4. I’ve never felt like I fit any age category, so I may not be a “typical” person to ask. As for clothes—ugh—even in my 20s I had a hard time finding things I liked. I’m not sure what I would like to wear exists…. Hard to tell, since I’m not sure what it would be. 🙂

    • Hi thanks for your reply. Are any of us typical? I’m certain that others would think that I am slightly off the wall for my age. Anyway, clothes are certainly an issue as it becomes more and more difficult to find things I like that don’t make me look like my grandmother. Make up also is becoming more difficult as I expect more cover with a less made up look. Shoes are either frumpy or impossible for a woman who inherited bunions!
      Kind regards

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