The Point of View Difference

An exercise in changing viewpoint for my novel’s main character helped me to get inside of her head. I thought that I was already there but when I re-wrote her story in the first person boy did she come to life. This has now become part of my routine for whatever story I  write to help me dig deeper and produce more realistic characters. There is nothing like hearing their voices to help in the creation of more fully developed characters.

Although I liked the first person version I am continuing in a 3rd person viewpoint as the storyline will become more complicated as it progresses and that will be easier to manage in that viewpoint. Good progress is being made and I may even be ready to send the manuscript out this year. I hope so because I have already got my idea for the next one.

Have you ever participated in the Nano challenge? My first time in November produced the framework for my current novel. I recommend trying it. Writing so many words in a month frees up the blocks which can occur through the normal practise of daily self editing.

When I say to you that this has been one of those times in life when I wish for 48 hours in a day some of you will understand. There have been too many things to do and so little time that my blog has slipped through without a new post from me for days. Normally I try to contribute to the flash fiction and I hope next week to get back to that routine. For now, my novel is calling.




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2 responses to “The Point of View Difference

  1. I’m trying the same approach for my next novel. I got the idea from Mario Puzo’s Fools Die. He used the third person to advance the plot, mostly reserving first person segments to explore the thoughts of the protagonist in key moments.

    • It’s interesting the difference this makes to our writing isn’t it? I haven’t read the book you refer to but have put it on my list for future enjoyment.

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