Zumba Fun

For me there is a fine line between enjoying going to a gym and hating it. Sitting on a bike which doesn’t go anywhere or climbing stairs to nowhere can be very boring, no matter how many televisions the manufacturers put on, above or elsewhere on the equipment. Team sports are not an option when you don’t have a normal 9-5 regime and besides I don’t think any of the captains would want someone of my age in their team.

The discovery of zumba a couple of years ago made an incredible difference to my life. I am now more fit than I was 10 years ago, can eat chocolate without watching the pounds pile on and I have made a number of great friends. There is nothing like shaking your booty with a bunch of other women who err on the wrong side of middle age to create that wonderful bond of laughter that encourages friendship. Now this exercise craze is becoming big business with new classes springing up every week. So, I would encourage any of you to try it and see. You may love it. Don’t worry about looking like a fool – everyone is so busy concentrating that no one will notice what you are doing!




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2 responses to “Zumba Fun

  1. I have a friend who teaches Zumba, and my kids once took a class. I think it’s a great form of exercise! My kids had fun, too, so it’s the kind of thing a family could do together.

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