Down in the Dumps

You can call it critical feedback but it still knocks me back when my blood, sweat and/or tears doesn’t generate wondrous acclaim. How much can a word of praise or approval matter? Quite a lot as it happens. Often the most confident of us have the deepest underlying lack of self belief. So, how do we pick ourselves up and carry on writing? And why?

The why is the determination to succeed and the urge to tell a story because it is the best or most terrifying or funniest story ever told and we want everyone else to hear it. The bit I can get hung up on is the how. How do I motivate myself? How do I find a better way after yet another rewrite? How do I withstand rejection?

I admit that sometimes another job seems a better option. How nice to return to the days when a day’s work paid a day’s salary without worrying that someone would tell me that I wasn’t good enough. But I love to write. I am committed to writing. And I am convinced that every day and every piece I write brings me closer to finding my own Holy Grail.

That is why I write. How about you?



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6 responses to “Down in the Dumps

  1. Oh wow. Well, I am frequently questioning my path, but I did quit writing once, a long time ago. Quitting made me sick, physically so. After figuring out what was going on, I finally found the courage to bring writing back in my life and even though there are days of struggle–my soul is being nurtured. That is *one* of the reasons I write, but it’s probably the most logical reason. Do what you love, love what you do.

    • Hi. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. My biggest fans reminded recently of why you can never take a good person down. They just keep jumping back up trying.

  2. Sidetracked from FridayFictioneers to here. You want motivation? Write for your children. That’s what I do and it works perfectly. And remember, too, that it is not the destination, but the journey.

    Best of luck.



    • Now that is a great way to always feel good about one’s writing. And I do love a good journey so I will follow the advice but will just have to assume a more comic tone to my writing as I think my offspring will become seriously worried otherwise!
      Much thanks.

  3. This is a great post. Admittedly, it is as true as it can be. Writing and reading, if anything, are fabulous ways to escape the everyday rush and tangled confusion of the world. Although there are many other strategies, like painting or music, to go about that, I also love to write.
    Thank-you for this post!

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