Rain Dance

Someone here in the UK has performed a rain dance. It has rained so long that my friend said she is going to build an ark. The Olympics are taking place in about 2 weeks and every athlete will be participating in the swimming, whatever his or her discipline. The torch has travelled the entire country in wet conditions. So I have decided to think about why I like the rain.

It makes everything green. The grass, trees and the mould which grows because nothing ever dries out.

It makes a lovely pitter patter on the roof, 24 hours a day.

I can hide my figure underneath my rain coat.

I have lots of indoor time to write.

Okay guys, it is now up to you. Tell me why you like the rain? or not?


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2 responses to “Rain Dance

  1. I like it in healthy moderation for plants and animals. 🙂 I’ve moved to an area where hurricanes can dump 10 inches of it from time to time, which I never saw where I grew up. We could use some of that rain if you’d like to send it this way. 🙂

    • I wish I could. It’s the Olympic Torch Relay today through our town and in between short glimpses of the sun it continues to rain.
      I have also lived where the heavens open in one swoop but normally afterwards the sun would shine.
      Thanks for commenting on my post.

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