Buzz ‘ard

Buzz is a cool dude. A perfect specimen. He sits on his perch, displaying his attributes for all to see. There is a glint in his eye when he spots his prey. Then he considers his move. Take them off guard, his father trained him. Sneak up from behind, his big brother explained. Be dominant, his mother cautioned.

Poor Buzz. He can’t help himself. As he swoops his mouth opens and the warning sounds.

Once again all of the submissive girls scatter and he is unfulfilled.


Sorry everyone but I just had to break my trend of dark stories so I have quite blatantly been influenced by a very popular theme in the literary world at the moment (although I haven’t yet read it). Enjoy.


Thanks go out to Madison for running her Friday Fictioneers.

Join this week as writers from around the globe gather on Friday at to share 100-word stories based on a photo prompt:

How to become a Fictioneer

  1. Write a 100-word story (more or less, and it’s okay if you didn’t use this picture for inspiration)
  2. Post your story to your blog on Friday (or just link to it tomorrow if you wrote earlier)
  3. If you’re a WordPress user, include “Friday Fictioneers” as one of your tags so you’ll show up on the tag search.
  4. Comment on Madison’s story Friday and post a link to your story.
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  7. Check back often because participants post throughout the day.
  8. Get psyched up to do this again next week


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18 responses to “Buzz ‘ard

  1. The ineligible bachelor. Try another day, Buzz. Practice makes perfect.

  2. Clever use of the prompt; I wonder if Buzz will end up lonely or whether he’ll find someone who’s a perfect match!

    Mine’s here:

  3. Dear Lindsay,

    Buzz’ard was a well executed story that many a man could learn a thing or three from. Well done.



  4. I enjoyed the humour in your story.
    You have to feel sorry for old Buzz – some guys just never get the breaks they deserve!

  5. A nice and funny story. Poor Buzz, when will he make the perfect move? Mine is here and linked too:

  6. I think I have known a few Buzzes. Sad but comical at the same time. Great take on this prompt!

  7. I enjoyed the humor (and chose humor for my submission as well.) Humor is good! Thanks for sharing.

  8. enjoyed it, your buzzards are hard working!

  9. All that well intended familial advice, poor Buzz indeed, reminds me of the ugly duckling. His turn will come.

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