In the beginning it is a twig. As it matures, it seeks out new places to attach its twisted structure. In favourable conditions small bubbles pop out; slowly at first, then multiplying until each competes for a place to bask in the life-force. When no vacancy remains in the tightly formed bunch, the bubbles fall, expelling the gluey toxin.

I watched the vine grow in him. Unseen, just one rouge cell germinated. Later, gathering momentum it twisted through his perfect body, seeking out new routes. Multiplying. With its deadly toxin. A labyrinth of branches too strong to be defeated.

It took his life-force and, therefore, mine.

Thanks go out to Madison for running her Friday Fictioneers.

Join this week as writers from around the globe gather on Friday at to share 100-word stories based on a photo prompt:

How to become a Fictioneer

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21 responses to “Vines

  1. curious as to why one life-force leaving also takes the other.

  2. Body snatchers described in languid language. The flood of emotion from a defeated organism playing host to a parasite. Well done and spooky.



  3. Beautifully done, and sad at the same time. Very well written! Here’s mine:

  4. Nice job. Sounds like a sinister vine you’ve got on your hands there. Good job!

  5. There are some really original takes on this prompt, and this is one of them. I love the analogy, and you’ve executed it well.

  6. Oh how sad and how beautifully you have described the observation of one has for another dealing with an illness like cancer. The metaphor you used was perfect and I know my friend Anne would love this one too.

    • Thanks Linda. I know that all of us will have witnessed this in some form or another and for each it is terribly sad. This was written for my dad actually who left us four years ago. He wrote short stories and plays as a hobby so we shared our love of the written word.

  7. I like this, It reminds me of cancer and its insidious effects

  8. I like this, I had no idea where it was going, so the end took me by surprise. I especially like ‘expelling the gluey toxin’. Nice job.

  9. raina

    This is a great take on the prompt 🙂 Great image you crafted with your words…

  10. I like how you took this and made it an interior vine virus or disease. It’s also different from the ubiquitous slimy-pod-hatching-horrible-alien scenario.

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