Paco’s Walk

Rosie turned to me with her finger resting over her lips.

‘Quiet. We don’t want to wake the old man.’

The crunching of the stones beneath my feet roared, betraying our presence. A bearded face peeped through the crack in the door.

‘Come on’. Rosie was already sprinting away. ‘Run! Get away!’

When it struck, I felt no pain. I felt my body give way, and as I slumped in slow motion, my eyes were blinded by the rays of the sun. The sharp stones dug into my back until they no longer troubled me.

Thanks go out to Madison for running her Friday Fictioneers.

Join this week as writers from around the globe gather on Friday at to share 100-word stories based on a photo prompt:

How to become a Fictioneer

  1. Write a 100-word story (more or less, and it’s okay if you didn’t use this picture for inspiration)
  2. Post your story to your blog on Friday (or just link to it tomorrow if you wrote earlier)
  3. If you’re a WordPress user, include “Friday Fictioneers” as one of your tags so you’ll show up on the tag search.
  4. Comment on Madison’s story Friday and post a link to your story.
  5. Tweet your link to @madison_woods and include the tag #FridayFictioneers if you’re on Twitter.
  6. Follow the read and comment schedule listed above the picture. If the comment forms allow, leave your link on all your comments, so others can find you and us later on.
  7. Check back often because participants post throughout the day.
  8. Get psyched up to do this again next week




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8 responses to “Paco’s Walk

  1. You really don’t want to wake the old man!

  2. Oh, yikes! I wasn’t expecting that! Very well timed. It’s funny how a “regular story” sets us up to know what’s coming, but this little tiny thing can give us just a snapshot, an impression. Well done.

    Here’s mine:

  3. If he’s living out there on his own, it’s for a reason. Don’t go there. Nicely done.

  4. Whoa, that was not what I expected. Easily the fastest paced 100 words I’ve read today. Well done!

  5. Rosie was definitely right!! High price to pay for waking someone!

  6. good one — when I was young, we would taunt our old neighbor who would come out of his old ramshackle house carrying his shotgun and cursing up a storm at us.

    that went on until my father informed me if I did it again I would wish he had shot us.

  7. Nice turn of phrase in the final line. I like the perspective.

  8. Chilling. Warning…Do not disturb the disturbed. For some reason, this old man reminded me of the “Unabomber” who also lived in the woods.

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