Back on Dry Land

I hope that you all haven’t given up on me. Life overtook me and that mysterious co-ordinator of it all decided that I needed to have a break, and so he or she sent me into a spin (quite literally). I have learnt that it is impossible to concentrate on writing when the world is orbiting so fast that you can’t see straight. Whoever passed the bug on is not my favourite person but never mind I am back with a vengeance.

Today I have finished editing the first 15000 words of my novel (for the umpteenth time) and tomorrow I embark on a new period of creativity to try to drive the plot forward.

This made me think about reading plots as they develop in the on-line forum. Now, as we all know, a very successful author did just that and now it is impossible to walk into the local grocery store, bookshop, etc without seeing one of her three best sellers. Did anyone out there read these offerings as they were in the development stage on-line? How do you feel about this as a writer? I would love to hear any views on this so feel free to comment.



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  1. eyesofmymind

    Lol same has been the case with me… was away for quite smtime ! Though how I wish I could say the same – “Back with Vengeance…” 😛

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