The Gas Man Cometh

This morning I had a delivery of five big cylinders of gas – essential for the heating here in a country where the temperature can drop by 20 degrees centigrade in one day. The gorgeous delivery man would grace any photo shoot. As I went upstairs to open the storage cupboard I noticed that a bird of paradise is just about to pop. The phone rang as I reached the top step and I had to run to answer it, slipping down and nearly re-fracturing my ankle on route.

All of the above are the tiny incidents which make up a day and provide the inspiration for a writer. For example

What if one of the tanks was leaking and an explosion ensued?

What if I gave in to my feelings and grabbed hold of the young delicious man?

The release of the flower from its case could be described in a thousand ways but what if I never got to see it or my villain knocked it off?

What if the phone call changed my life – a lottery win or a contact from someone from the past?

What if my hero broke his or her ankle and was unable to escape a threatening situation?

All around us the everyday mundane moments provide wonderful inspiration for our stories. What are yours?



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2 responses to “The Gas Man Cometh

  1. Robert Laino

    Why didn’t you grab hold of the gas man? Was Alan about…

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