The Surgery

Warm rivers flowed down Sophie’s face as Felicity was dragged screaming through the doorway. She watched as the stick-thin legs flayed, like the sails of a windmill, as her daughter made a last attempt to escape. The door squeezed close and the wailing noise metamorphosed into a muffled series of sobs.

Sophie fingers made contact with the arm of a chair and she sank into the plastic seat. An arm slid around her shoulders and her husband whispered, ‘Don’t worry. She’ll be okay. I know that these sessions are always a BITCH but soon she’ll be well.’

Sophie struggled to smile; wishing that she could share his hope. For him, she tried to mask her grief.

116 words

Written for the Trifecta challenge – see for other stories


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20 responses to “The Surgery

  1. anjum wasim dar

    deeply touching

  2. This is great–one of my favorites this week. I think you did yourself a huge favor by leaving as many questions as you have. You manage to break the heart of all of us parents that way. It could be anything, and therefore anyONE.

  3. Draug419

    The image of her being dragged away was so striking! >__< Great job!

  4. heartbreaking. really want to know more…

  5. Heart breaking to have to go through such things-specially when its your child!Wonder if it was chemo or some other painful procedure that frightened the little girl so much but which had to be done,in the hope she would get well.Nice little piece:-)

  6. Check with Trifecta – don’t think your link is working.

  7. Difficult situations to witness.

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