The Parade – Friday Fictioneers


copyright Renee-Ronan-Heath

Pam wanted a good seat and Bob smiled as she sprinted along the board-walk. The bleachers were positioned to face the open ocean. The couple claimed their position, front row and central.

The tension of the crowd increased when the sun slid below the horizon. Spotlights illuminated the water’s edge and white sand. Pam bent forward; scanning, waiting. At last, a head appeared in the surf. No one made a sound. The tiny penguin struggled ashore and ran for the safety of the dunes.


‘Some flipping parade! 10 bucks to watch half a dozen penguins. What a rip-off!’ Bob moaned as they made their way back to the car park.

Below them, under the board-walk, the penguins sheltered unseen in their burrows, enjoying the human show.



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29 responses to “The Parade – Friday Fictioneers

  1. hahaha, sounds like my husband and me! enjoyed this.

  2. Love it, enjoying the human show LOL!

  3. Hi Lindy,
    A penguin parade, very innovative. Ron

  4. Nice one. This puts me in mind of those craft Penguins from the movie Madagascar!

  5. Nice twist at the end. Well done.

  6. Hi Lindsay. Made me smile, always worth thanks! It put me right back in the Cape Province of South Africa where penguins do come ashore and seem a little to aware that they are being watched.
    BTW Thanks for your comment on my blog – I have no idea why they disappeared or where they have gone sorry.
    #wrinklytechnophobe 🙂

  7. Oh Lindy, you made me laugh! Very clever twist.
    Shalom, Rochelle

  8. The last sentence was the best:) Smart Penguins!

  9. that was fun. but i wonder if the spotlight would scare them away. well done.

    • Hi Rich I actually witnessed this in southern Australia years ago. Actually the funniest thing was how the entire audience sat watching and waiting for hours, in anticipation of these little penguins hopping out of the water. A waiting audience didn’t make such a good story though.

  10. penguins are so adorable. I’d love to watch them frolic in their natural habitats.

  11. Clever turnaround… Though, I’m sure Bob got his money’s worth making Pam happy… that’s what life’s all about.

  12. Hehe.. Nice.. Humans spent 10 bucks for no show while penguins enjoy the show for free! 🙂 Can totally imagine that happening in my head!

  13. Hilarious. The penguins had the last laugh (and for free!)

  14. You turned the tables on us as well as the penguins did on the people. One of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen was a video/movie of penguins popping up onto the snow from the water. They shot out with no apparent effort and it was so funny (although you really have to see it to realize how funny it was.)


    • I’ve seen that as well and just loved it. I think penguins are the funniest animals to watch. They have so much personality and with a body which is so top heavy and tiny little feet they do incredibly well to even get around on land. We once saw a penguin, we named him Charlie, and he had just finished moulting and so had a brand new coat. Charlie was as proud as could be of his new feathers and stood at the side of the sea calling out to all of the females. Not one of them wanted to know – a man I know said he understood exactly how he felt.
      Thanks so much for commenting.

  15. I’d pay more than that to see penguins in the wild 🙂 Love that the penguins are the ones getting the real show 🙂

  16. Good one – made me smile. Penguins having a joke at our expense is a lovely thought.

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