The Path – Trifecta Writing Challenge

The woman is wizened, a tiny figure lost in the chair. Suffocating her hand with his is a grey man, all colour gone from his face. He edges close to her and his lips move. I watch as she struggles to smile at his words and gently extracts her white fingers. As she raises them to his cheek, the bell rings and a deep voice barks out a name. He rises first, then extends his hand. She hangs back for a second and, while I watch, a tear escapes and weaves its way down her cheek. His arm holds her up as they go through the door; to discover their future. I wait to be called, regretting my own solitary path.


This story has been written as part of the Trifecta Writing Challenge at Every week a word is chosen from the dictionary. The writer must use the word in the context of the third definition in his or her piece. This week the word is PATH and the definition is a course or route; a way of life, conduct or thought. I hope that you enjoy my short piece.



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15 responses to “The Path – Trifecta Writing Challenge

  1. Great picture painted in very few words. Well done.

  2. I like the couple in this story. They’re still so much in love.

  3. Sad and beautiful – a life in so few words. And I’ve always liked the word wizened.

  4. Interesting little snapshot. It has a kind of hopeless, Stygian feel to it. The description of the elderly couple is lovely.

  5. This is heart wrenching. Very good writing!

  6. At least they have each other… I loved your description of them!

  7. True love. Is there anything more beautiful? I wonder where they are headed. The afterlife?

  8. kymminbarcelona

    Nothing makes your feel your own solitude than an elderly couple.

  9. Aww,so bitter sweet .The couple may be old & maybe she has a fatal disease but the love they share,eases the burden a bit,while the narrator has only regrets at being alone-out of choice.Wonderfully thought provoking piece:-)

  10. How sad, to walk the path only to realize too late that you regretted going alone.

  11. So much feeling and thought for such a short story. Very nice.

  12. Draug419

    Such a sad and sharp contrast between the couple and the loner. Great writing.

  13. I did enjoy your short piece. The bell and the deep voice barking was a powerful image. I could only think what it would be like to be sitting there waiting…

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