Preparing for the London Book Fair

Next month I will be attending my first London Book Fair. The event is aimed mainly at the providers in the industry such as publishers, agents, digital providers, etc however I know that it will give me an invaluable insight into the future of the industry. As a writer this affects me directly and I think that it is important to try to gain as much knowledge as I can about our future opportunities.

In preparation I have been sorting out the business side of my own writing. In addition I have been re-writing the first six chapters of my novel, finalising the editing and rethinking my pitch.

As a consequence, the time I have available for writing flash fiction and my blog-sites has been limited however, bear with me and soon I will get back to the crazy world of few words painting wonderful pictures.


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One response to “Preparing for the London Book Fair

  1. It is equally, if not more important to continue to pursue offline opportunities. I too have a busy writing month – I still want to blog and it can be frustrating. I have to remind myself that I set the blog up to track my writing journey and if I don’t write there won’t be a journey to share.
    Let us know what the book fair is like and good luck meeting the agent!

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