Ticket to Pitch

New to the London Book Fair is an opportunity to pitch one’s novel to an agent or publisher in a dedicated one-to-one setting. An email advising that tickets would be available from 9am this morning arrived in my in-box yesterday and at the appointed hour I sat with my finger poised over the mouse. As the page became available with the list of appointments I began to click and watched horrified as they disappeared one by one in a blink of an eye. Finally I managed to nab some appointments for different agents and went to eat my granola feeling quite pleased. When I returned to my computer I was the recipient of an email to say that each applicant would only be allowed one meeting and all of my tickets would be re floated if I didn’t contact the main office. Fortunately I made the call just in the nick of time and still have my meeting set up. I felt like a naughty teenager caught out pinching something from the sweet counter in Woolworths but an opportunity to meet agents and publishers is like a Belgian chocolate – too good to eat just one.


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3 responses to “Ticket to Pitch

  1. Good luck, for a minute there I thought you weren’t able to schedule a meeting, have fun!

  2. Good luck and how exciting.

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