Winchester Writer’s Conference

I have completed my registration for the prestigious Winchester event and am looking forward to meeting up with some of my alumni from the Faber course. These buddies provide the on-line moral support necessary to this writer in her solitary occupation and share my great love of words on paper (or screen of course).

The enrolment on the event raised an interesting issue for me. The cost of these events is not small and it is important to consider what I hope to take away from it. My husband has suggested that I assign myself a marketing budget for the year and consider which will give me the best return for my investment. In an era when the published writer is not gaining great financial reward for his work and the world is in recession I agree with him that we must choose carefully in the saturated market.

My short fiction and flash fiction have been put aside while I prepare myself for the events but I am beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms so be warned – I intend to return with a fresh mind and that usually results in the bizarre.


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2 responses to “Winchester Writer’s Conference

  1. I decided to do the same, I know that opportunities come with a price tag and if I won the lottery I could book everything I want to experience (in the world of writing and beyond) – I thought about how people pay for weekly classes and clubs and started with that as an initial budget. Depending on the financial success of work I may run with a bigger budget next year!

    I’m sure it will be worth every penny!

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