Fun at the London Book Fair

This is a quick post to say that if you live near London and are a writer get down to the London Book Fair. Today I have seen some excellent presentations about marketing a new book, expanding readership, how to get an agent, lots about the digital age of publishing, and also some inspirational talks by renowned published authors. Fabulous value for money.

Tomorrow I try my pitch for the first time. I hope that I sleep.



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8 responses to “Fun at the London Book Fair

  1. Glad you had a great time at the LBF – I have a reblogged article about pitching a link.
    I will come back and throw a link your way.

    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. I am not sure if you collect awards, some people don’t because they are like chain letters! 😉
    Here’s a link to the post and if you could pingback if you accept it, I’d love to read your answers to the 11 questions!

  2. How did the pitch go? I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you afterwards. Hopefully all went well. Also, I can’t remember if you have twitter? Let me know if so – shall be able to natter away and arrange that possible coffee in the summer.

    • Hi Holly. I saw you in the author’s lounge in the afternoon but you were on the other side speaking and then you were gone from view. Sorry that I didn’t get to speak to you. The pitch was interesting, the agent was obviously ready to run but she was quite interested so could be all right. How about you? I thought about you and really hope that it went well. I loved the LBF, in particular the Tuesday which was back to back with interesting talks etc. I found the information about the self publishing worth considering so there is a lot to think about. I would love to have coffee with you sometime and find out how you are getting on with your new world. I am on twitter @writelindy. Are you there? Got to run now as Friday night is party night but looking forward to chatting. Have a great weekend. x

      • Yes I think I saw you again at one point too! Such a big place we all seem to miss each other a lot.
        It went really well thanks! Apparently I’ve got my audience and rough word length right. He also gave some great tips on the plot – changing the sex of one character and definitely adding the romance i was toying with in order to appeal to the female market. He said it was a ‘great premise’ so I’m going to take that as good news!
        I’ve just added you on twitter so you should find me easy now. Yes! I look forward to it too. Let me know when you’re up this way and we can share writing stories! I started the novel on thursday and am around 4000 words in. Quick writing!
        I hope you have a great weekend too! x Talk to you soon

  3. The best advice about pitching I got was actually from a musician friend who has sung in bands for a living all of his adult life. He said, “when I pitch our band to venues or producers, I try to do so with quiet confidence. I have something they may want and I need to be comfortable in that knowledge, and they will listen.” The idea of “quiet confidence” resonated for me, so I’m passing it on. Good luck with your pitch and enjoy the book fair!

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