Friday Fictioneers – Getting High

rescuers david stewartCopyright – David Stewart

Oh I do love Fridays. Rochelle posts up a great photo (thanks for the great work Rochelle) and we allow our imaginations to run wild, writing 100 words or so of prose, poetry, etc. Have a try and see what you can do at Friday Fictioneers.


‘Look, he’s nearly here. You’re dead.’

‘What? It was just a bit of fun.’

‘Look where your idea of fun got us. What’re you going to tell him when he gets here?’

‘I thought it was sugar. Who cares? Anyway, maybe he’ll fall.’

‘Rosie, you can’t mess with his stuff. We’ve been through this before.’

‘But he told me it would make me fly. Maybe it will.’



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6 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Getting High

  1. JackieP

    It might make her fly, but doubt she would like the landing. Good story.

  2. Don’t don’t … please don’t … ominous tale..

  3. Mistake sugar for the happy powder? Somebody is in trouble.

  4. Maybe it needs to make him fly… trouble on the way.

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