How Do You Feel About Reading Novels in Progress

I do not post up my novel-in-progress at present. There are many reasons, but the main one is that I like the idea of my blog to cover other work such as short stories, photos, general items, thoughts, etc.  I do expose my novel to beta readers for feedback so I am not ignoring the value of the non-biased eye. And I have to admit that the thought of anyone commenting on my first few drafts scares me as even I know that they can be terrible.

How do you feel about reading novels-in-progress through a blog? Do you post yours and, if so, is it valuable to you? At what point would you stop posting such work on a blog? It’s a topic that fascinates me and, of course there is neither a wrong nor a right answer as to whether one should expose unfinished work to the wider audience. Please comment with your thoughts and although I am breathing and sleeping my novel, I will respond.


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9 responses to “How Do You Feel About Reading Novels in Progress

  1. lemorrish

    Hi Lindsay, I think I agree with you about not posting work in progress on a blog. I can’t think of any other artistic media that does this – I mean, I can’t say I have noticed painters showcasing their half-finished tapestries, or musicians posting audio files of their first few bars of music and their first lyrics. But I could be wrong. Anyway, I have pulled back from showing my work to anyone at present, as I just want to get the book finished, however bad it might be! Hope your writing is progressing well. Lou x

    • Hi Lou Glad that I’m not the only one who is nervous of this however I don’t feel the same for my shorter work. I like putting those up for people to respond. Will text you when in UK. Good writing! X

      • lemorrish

        Look forward to it. I have a new mobile number. Do you have the one ending 804? If so, that’s the current one. But if not, you’ll have the old defunct one. Lx

  2. I do not really post works in progress, because I suppose I want to show my work when it is in the final stage. I wish to show the work only when I can no longer improve it myself. At that point, then it becomes helpful to have other eyes to see what I might be missing, or what could strengthen it. Just as a personal preference, showing unfinished work feels like I am setting myself up for stress. If someone says that the work-in-progress is good, then I feel that there is added “pressure” not turn the whole thing into a mess. If someone says that it needs improvement, then I can feel discouraged and silly for even writing the thing. As I add to the work, I start to doubt every move I make. But that’s just me.

    • Thank you for commenting JW. I do understand how you feel. There is always an element of doubt in my mind about anything I write that goes into the public arena so sometimes I just have to go for it but to date I have not put up any of my novel. Maybe I will do so in the future. When I have more time I will have a read through your blog. Bye for now.

  3. I actually try not to read things that are still in progress. There are times i do, but they are exceptions for one or two authors.

    I would also prefer to wait until the entire work is done before I do any beta/editing as well. You can edit more completely with the full work, especially if the author wants more than just grammar/punctuation/spelling.

    As for myself, I don’t post anything online right now except blog entries. 🙂

    • How interesting! I do think that reading work in progress risks boring the reader in the early stages of the writing process and I find that the impact of a fabulous phrase or sentence can be lost when I have read something a number of times.
      Thank you for replying to my post.

  4. Jasper is writing his story in progress–even though it has happened in the past. He likes to see what others say and it helps him to figure out what exactly he wants to write about next. It also makes him feel like he has to write (i.e. he has a deadline to his followers) and that makes him stay on task. As he can get quite distracted. He is also working on not being scared or ashamed of what or how he writes. Blogging makes him face that. Hope this helps. You can check out his blog at Yours- JM

    • Thank you for replying to my blog post Jasper. It is interesting what you say about deadlines as I personally find that I work much more effectively when I have a deadline. Do you not find that the blogging itself distracts you? I do.

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