When is a novel complete?

Celebrations here after I put the finishing touches on my 103,000-word thriller novel last week. After nearly two years of writing and numerous edits, it is hard to believe that I can finally move on to my next project (another novel) and back to short story writing, which I love and have missed during my disciplined period of writing in the longer format.

One interesting point came up in the later stages of the editing process and I would love to know whether anyone else has experienced something similar. I wrote my novel in Word and used it for most of my editing in the early stages. Later I printed out hard copies of the manuscript and gave it to three people to edit. After applying their comments, I formatted the manuscript into a PDF format so that I could read it on my e-reader before I sent it to any agents. In that format, I picked up a number of errors and poor use of language, which had not been evident in the previous copies.

I would love to read about your editing techniques or if anyone has found that changing the format has revealed issues in their own work.



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2 responses to “When is a novel complete?

  1. Thank you. It was a labour of love but I am glad to put it to bed for a while.

  2. Congratulations, Lindsay 🙂

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