Mediatation – Friday Fictioneers June 7th 2014

fridayfictioneerjune6copyright D Mcllroy

Baby steps.

His words. It’s all in the preparation, he told her. By the summit it would be like second nature.

Months of planning. Years of anticipation. All of their holiday allowance. All of their money.

In the early days she’d loved his ambition.

That was then.

It was all in the preparation.

Too bad.

She grins at her travel documents. Not long now. A beach holiday. Compliments of insurance.

Must remember to wipe the memory.

She puts on a pair of rubber gloves before she wraps the bottle. He only took one sun cream. Her own recipe.

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at for organising the Friday Fictioneers. A group of writers having fun with photo prompts. Stop by and have a look.


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20 responses to “Mediatation – Friday Fictioneers June 7th 2014

  1. Dear Lindy, Wow you are super devious and I like it – can you send me the recipe for the sun cream – wait – don’t anyone snitch to my husband about this . . . Really, really good, well thought out and it worked. Oh, don’t forget to wipe the computer! Maybe Karma will intervene somehow though. Excellent! Thanks, Nan 🙂

  2. Those carefully planned deeds can sometimes fail though.. I kind of hope so.

  3. Great plot. Sun cream as a murder weapon – I love it 🙂

  4. I shall never rub in sun cream again!

  5. Lindy, I think what i”m understanding is that she’s doing away with him for the insurance money. The lotion is a mystery but I wouldn’t want to use it. Well written 🙂 —Susa

  6. Ooohh, nasty one, that. Well done

  7. Patience and preparation are key to any good plot. I especially enjoyed the eerie suspense!

  8. Ominous. What’s in the bottle? She’s hoping for lots of sun for him.

  9. This was an excellent story. Now, about the title? Is is misspelled? Or a clever use of two words whose combined meaning escapes me?



  10. Dear Lindy,

    She has it all laid out. Question: Is the title supposed to be Meditation or Mediation? Or did you do that on purpose?

    Clever story.



  11. It’s all in the preparation….;)

  12. I love those first two sentences. I just knew something bad was going to happen.

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