Every day we have to break down the barriers that prevent us achieving our goals. In travel they can be the so called ‘red tape’ or what I call the ‘Ebola effect’. In personal lives, other’s prejudices or our own insecurities can seem like hurdles too difficult to overcome.

As a writer, I am daunted by the barriers to attaining success as a published author. Firstly there are those which exist in the industry. We all know them; who has not struggled to secure an agent or make a profit from his or her hard work?

However, the barrier that is most obstructive comes from within. Every morning I have to remind myself of the success already achieved, having completed a full length novel when so many writers fall along the way. I can be proud to call myself an author and, when I finally publish my novel, I might allow myself a self satisfied smile.


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2 responses to “Barriers

  1. Your point is noted. Thank you.

  2. Probably the underlying suffering from Ebola warrant a different metaphor

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