Research; why I love and hate it

I am writing my second novel and using Scrivener to ease the word processing side of things. As I am a collector of things, I have discovered another benefit of the package. Instead of paste, copy and print pages filling my files, I now insert the information (or even better, a link to a webpage)  in the research area of my project. HOWEVER, Scrivener does not stop me being distracted by my research.

For example, today I wanted to find out where the police station in a famous city was located during the early 1960’s and also what it looked like when a visitor walked in to the entrance. I found a wonderful website of old press photos. It is now 2 hours later and I have yet to discover the police station but have had a grand time browsing the old images and picturing life in the past. And that is the problem with research – it’s too interesting.

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