The Yellow Rain on Spain

Every year, the locals go crazy with the yellow pollen that falls from the trees over this land. It is able to seek out the most pristine areas, turning the traditional white façades into dwellings streaked with dry riverbeds of yellow. As if that is not enough, the neighbouring continent sends clouds loaded with sand from its desert to dump over our humble abode. No sooner  do we clean and sweep than another delivery arrives.  It makes me wonder if our insides are as yellow!


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2 responses to “The Yellow Rain on Spain

  1. That’s one nice post 🙂 I’m moving to Spain next year, and I can’t wait to experience this ‘yellow rain’ despite the hustle it causes hehe ❤


    • Hi Hiba. Thanks for commenting on my post. I do hope that you enjoy your move out to this amazing country. It is full of wonderful cities, beautiful countryside, noisy fiestas, and great people in addition to the yellow rain.

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