Bequest – Friday Fictioneers

copyight-sean-fallon©Sean Fallon

The solicitor wore an expression of sympathy and handed me the sealed envelope. After shaking his hand, I maintained a mask of my own until the lift doors closed. Alone, I tore at the gummed strip with trembling hands. This was what I had been waiting for my entire adult life.

My daughter inherits my estate. The enclosed key will reveal all.

At last, my reward. The address and name of the bank followed.

I now remember that I skipped my way there.

In the dark bowels of the bank, I opened the safety box.

Even in death, he tortured me. continues to run the successful Friday Fictioneers where authors write a piece of 100 word fiction on a photo prompt and exchange comments on their work. Thank you Rochelle for keeping this group active.



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37 responses to “Bequest – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ah… yes no reward just pain.. pain delivered from beyond the grave-

  2. Often the most damaging of blows as it reveals the depth of feeling. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Is there nothing in the box or something terrible? Very intriguing.

  4. Dear Lindy,

    Oh, you sly fox. You left me hanging. This doesn’t end well, does it? Well written.



  5. Sounds like he understood her greed and treated her justly. Nice story.

  6. Thank you Caerlynn. What a great name you have.

  7. Nothing changes, does it. Nicely dark.

  8. Nasty fellow, hope he got a hot reception where he ended up. However I very much liked your take on this prompt. Mike

  9. mickwynn2013

    Don’t know who’s worse, him for what he’s done or her for nurturing her greed for so long, waiting for him to die.

  10. So many questions – did she kill him? What’s in the box? And whose side are we supposed to be on? Clever stuff!

  11. A very telling story, Lindy.. And she has ‘no comeback’… Darn.

  12. Very intrigued with their relationship and desperate to know what’s in the box? Love your writing! 🙂

  13. An evil father. This begs the question..does she deserve such treatment?

  14. Adam Ickes

    Oh man. I really want to know what is (or isn’t) in that box! Well played.

  15. I love the layers to the relationship – I felt sorry for her at first but then thought they seemed to be two sides of the same coin

  16. That seems to be a very deep rift between father and daughter. Horrible if that even goes beyond death. Good story.

  17. Well, that left me hanging…very intriguing story.

  18. Now, that is a horrid Dad to do such a thing to his daughter! Brilliant tale!

  19. What’s in the box! 😉

  20. Oh dear. That can’t be good. I am super curious what’s in the box. ☺

  21. jellico84

    Oh, how cruel.

  22. This father and daughter deserve each other, I think. Very good story – the open-endedness works very well.

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